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About STIR

STIR Mobile Coffee LLC is a premium mobile coffee business launched in Bloomington, Indiana in October of 2015 by two Bloomington natives. Our goal is to bring our fantastic products (featuring other local businesses) directly to you via our catering and event services.

As of 2017 we now offer a full line of 100% locally made STIR Cold Brew Coffee products, found in local Bloomington, Indiana stores.


Our Team

Charles Sinn III
Co-Owner, Business Operations, Facility & Project Manager

STIR Coffee, Co-Owner, Charles Sinn III

Alexander Rubin
Co-Owner, Accounts & Distribution, Brand Manager

STIR Coffee, Co-Owner, Alexander Rubin

Eli Sabbagh
Media Marketing Specialist, Videographer

About STIR

STIR Mobile Coffee LLC (DBA STIR Coffee) is a local business in Bloomington, Indiana owned by two Bloomington natives Alex Rubin and Chaz Sinn. We specialize in the production of ready-to-drink bottled cold brew coffee products using only ultra-fresh, premium locally roasted and brewed specialty coffee. Local relationships are very important to us and we are proud to be working with local specialty coffee roaster, Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company. Quarrymen supplies all of our coffee and has helped create our signature and unique cold brew blend used in all of our products from our original unflavored/unsweetened coffee to our flavored and seasonal varieties. We also have a very special naturally decaffeinated Colombian coffee that Quarrymen roasts for our signature decaffeinated cold brew coffee products.

Our company was originally launched in 2015 with a fully customized van built for use as a mobile coffee business. Since then, we have evolved into the cold brew coffee bottling company we are today. We had decided that creating a bottled coffee product instead of offering a service was key to spreading our craft outside of Bloomington. We were right.

Cold brew coffee is a major trend in the coffee industry that has swept over the nation over the past couple of years. With high market demand and increasing popularity; we have been a major player in building the cold brew coffee market right here in Indiana. One of the main reasons that cold brew coffee has become so popular is that it is 60-65% less acidic than hot coffee. This means that cold brew coffee is much smoother and way easier on people's stomachs while still giving them the caffeine boost they need!

Our cold brew coffee products are extremely popular due to the premium quality, peak freshness, low acidity, the varieties we offer, convenience to consumers, and affordability. Our products are priced competitively with national brands, but offer far better quality and freshness that national brands simply cannot replicate. All of our coffee is brewed and bottled within 72 hours off the coffee roaster. We also have our coffee medium-roasted which creates a flavor profile and aroma of toasted nut and chocolate. We have chosen to completely avoid the new-wave trend of light-roasted coffee that gives coffee floral and bitter fruit notes and characteristics that only a very niche market desires. With our medium-roasted and perfectly cold-brewed coffee; our consumers receive a traditional tasting and delicious coffee beverage that is very strong, super smooth, and incredibly refreshing. This is what we believe appeals to a far wider audience that goes even beyond coffee drinkers. Our main goal is to make people smile and sharing our cold brew coffee does just that. Give our cold brew a try today. You’ll love it and so will those you share it with. We promise!




We are proudly distributed by Piazza Produce located in Indianapolis. Click the image to learn more and to order our products for retail!


Find our products online on RangeMe. Click the image for more information!


We are Indiana Grown. Click the image to learn more about our company and products!

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