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About STIR

STIR Mobile Coffee LLC is a premium mobile coffee business launched in Bloomington, Indiana in October of 2015 by two Bloomington natives. Our goal is to bring our fantastic products (featuring other local businesses) directly to you via our catering and event services.

As of 2017 we now offer a full line of 100% locally made STIR Cold Brew Coffee products, found in local Bloomington, Indiana stores.



Charles Sinn III
Co-owner, Business Operations, Facility, and Project Manager

 STIR Coffee, Co-Owner, Charles Sinn III

STIR Coffee, Co-Owner, Charles Sinn III

Alexander Rubin
Co-owner, Distribution, Networking, Marketing/Brand Manager

 STIR Coffee, Co-Owner, Alexander Rubin

STIR Coffee, Co-Owner, Alexander Rubin

About STIR

STIR Mobile Coffee LLC is a local company to Bloomington, Indiana that launched as a mobile coffee van (as pictured above) in October of 2015 by Bloomington natives Chaz Sinn and Alex Rubin. STIR has since evolved into a full-time cold brew coffee bottling company by April of 2017. We produce ultra-fresh premium locally roasted, brewed, and bottled cold brew coffee products for distribution to retailers in Bloomington.

Local relationships are also very important to us and we are proud to be working with local roaster, Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company. Quarrymen Coffee supplies all of our coffee and has helped create STIR's signature and unique cold brew blend used in all of our products from our original to flavored varieties. By choosing STIR Cold Brew Coffee you are supporting not just one, but TWO local businesses to Bloomington, Indiana!

Why the change from a mobile to a cold brew coffee bottling company? Long story short, we realized fairly quickly by 2016 that operating as a non-traditional food truck (by only selling coffee) simply wasn't sustainable. Parking on city streets was frequently an issue and with the major boom of coffee shops around Bloomington, there just wasn't really room for us in this marketplace. Once we realized that, we expanded our idea outside of just functioning as a mobile coffee van. We decided to create and offer an office coffee delivery service and kit (with free cups, lids, sweeteners, flavoring, and half & half) in 2016. We ran promotions and advertisements in magazines and even on the radio for our new coffee delivery service, but we still couldn't quite get the business we needed to become a successful company. Consumers loved our coffee delivery service, but selling it was difficult since it was more of a "luxury" service rather than a necessity. You hire a plumbing service because you may not know how to fix an issue at home and have to get it fixed. But why would you hire a coffee service when nearly every home and office already has coffee readily available? We just thought that since coffee is always in such high demand that sales would follow more easily, it was time to go back to the drawing board once again. During this entire time in which we were trying to carve out our niche, there were a few other mobile coffee trucks here in Bloomington that had come and gone out of business. We weren't about to be next.

In early January of 2017, we had a meeting and made the decision that we needed to totally change the direction of our business and evolve to find a way to make our company sustainable. This is when we put our heads together with Quarrymen Coffee to create a bottled cold brew coffee product. By creating bottled coffee products to place on store shelves our coffee became much more accessible, more affordable to the consumer, and easier for us to find business as a wholesale distributor. We did our research and came to find that cold brew coffee was a new wave trend in the coffee industry then and has been quickly been gaining popularity ever since. This is due to the nature of cold brew coffee as an ultra-smooth, bold, and less acidic coffee product opposed to hot brewed coffee. After a few months of product development and research, we officially released our bottled cold brew coffee products on April, 12th of 2017. Since then we've already eclipsed the milestone of 10,000 bottles sold by early 2018. A number we never could have imagined meeting in our first year as a coffee bottling company. Thanks for "causing a STIR" with us!

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