We're causing a STIR with our new pricing!

Look for the RED caps, now just $3.49 per bottle! #STIRdUp

Look for the RED caps, now just $3.49 per bottle! #STIRdUp

12 full fluid ounces. Was $3.99, now just $3.49 per bottle.

The same size, (12 fl. oz. / 355 mL) now for less money when you purchase our best selling ready-to-drink original unflavored and unsweetened STIR Cold Brew Coffee with red caps (see right). Why the change you may ask? Honestly, we just want to give you MORE coffee, for LESS money! Plain and simple. We're causing a STIR!

We at STIR Mobile Coffee have decided to make this change because we love our consumers and want to thank everyone for not only trying, but supporting our products since our launch. We have also wanted to begin pricing ourselves more competitively with national brands, while keeping it local and providing ultra-fresh, premium quality coffee beverages. Our new suggested retail price for our original/regular STIR Cold Brew Coffee (with red caps) is now ONLY $3.49 for a FULL 12 fluid ounces. Enjoy our coffee as a single 12 ounce serving, or split your coffee up into two 6 ounce servings. Either way, our coffee is always fresh, strong (yet smooth), and delicious. Besides our new, lower retail price, why should you try our cold brew coffee? Let some of our current consumers tell you why!

New pricing "shelf-talkers" all over Btown, featuring STIR Cold Brew!

New pricing "shelf-talkers" all over Btown, featuring STIR Cold Brew!

Consumer stories? Sure, why not!

Consumers have reached out to tell us how STIR Cold Brew Coffee has increased their productivity at work to give them that sometimes necessary morning kick or late afternoon jolt of energy to make it through the day. Or, how our coffee helped them go that extra mile after a long work day for their own and/or children's extra-curricular activities. We've also heard that due to lower acidity (60-65% less than hot coffee) our coffee products are very easy on the stomach and have turned non-coffee drinkers, into coffee drinkers! Heck, some consumers have even told us our coffee just makes them feel great and has become a part of their daily routine! Have a story too? Email us at stirbtown@gmail.com or find us on social media @STIR_Btown to share!

Tell us more!

All STIR Cold Brew Coffee starts with our premium quality three-bean coffee blend that is locally crafted and then masterfully roasted to perfection by Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company right here in Bloomington, Indiana. By lowering our retail price to $3.49 (now well under $4.00 after tax) from $3.99 on our regular cold brew coffee; we hope that we can share our coffee with even more people by making it more affordable, while keeping the same utmost quality, freshness, volume, and consistency!

Our STIR Cold Brew Coffee is all locally roasted, cold-brewed, hand-labeled, bottled-by-hand, and personally distributed to your favorite local locations by our owners. Is this good for you? Definitely, as we put ultimate care into each and every bottle! Is this good for us? Absolutely, it's a win/win all around! With a lower price point, while keeping the same volume, we can make our coffee more accessible to more people. Help us #causeaSTIR or get #STIRdUP by trying our STIR Cold Brew Coffee products!

As for our flavored varieties, our suggested retail price will remain the same for now at $3.99 per bottle for 12 fluid ounces. The added value of top quality (made for coffee) pure cane sugar syrups in each and every bottle of our caramel, hazelnut, and seasonal flavors are why we must keep this price point for the time being on all flavored varieties of STIR Cold Brew Coffee. Stay tuned for our winter flavor to be announced in late November of 2017! #ShakeNSip #STIRseasonal

We hope you appreciate our change, as we undoubtedly appreciate all of you! Please keep enjoying all of our products and now our original STIR Cold Brew Coffee with red caps, for a lesser price. We will certainly make sure to keep doing what we love by producing and sharing our coffee with our beloved community!

Thanks again!
Co-Owners and Bloomington, Indiana Natives:
Alexander Rubin and Charles Sinn