Bloomingfoods Local Focus Vendor: June 2017

We at STIR Mobile Coffee are extremely proud and honored to have been selected as Bloomingfoods' "Local Focus Vendor" for the month of June in 2017. Our STIR Cold Brew Coffee products have only been on shelves since our product launch on April 14th of 2017 and have been flying off the shelves ever since! All of our products are 25% off at all Bloomingfoods stores/locations for the entire month of June through July 4th.

To celebrate, we have released our STIR Decaf Cold Brew Coffee this month as well. Our decaf cold brew is a naturally decaffeinated Colombian that differs from our three-bean blend used in our other products. This decaf has been specially crafted to actually taste like real coffee, minus the caffeine! This all has been a huge accomplishment for us to have gained such recognition this quickly for our STIR Cold Brew Coffee and this is only the beginning!

Compared to other cold brew coffee products on the market, STIR Cold Brew Coffee is the only true 100% local product to Bloomington, Indiana. Our owners, Alex Rubin and Chaz Sinn, are natives of Bloomington and so is our coffee roaster Wes Burton of Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company. All three of us grew up here and all attended school in Bloomington. Wes' wife, Debi Burton, co-owner of Quarrymen Coffee, is originally from Indianapolis and met Wes at IU and has resided in Bloomington for 22 years with Wes and their wonderful family. We are all Hoosiers through and through, thank you for choosing STIR Cold Brew Coffee and for supporting not just one, but TWO local businesses!

STIR Cold Brew Coffee is also the only local cold brew company to offer flavored varieties and we have chosen to start with two coffee world favorites with hazelnut and caramel. We will be adding more delicious flavors to our product line over time, stay tuned for announcements!

Written and posted by: Alexander Rubin, STIR Mobile Coffee, Co-Owner