STIR Cold Brew (Original)

STIR Cold Brew Coffee
- original -

STIR Cold Brew's original unsweetened/unflavored coffee (with red caps) retails at $3.49 per 12 oz. / 355 mL ready-to-drink bottle.

Get “STIR’d Up” and prepare yourself for a bold, yet smooth coffee with our ready-to-drink STIR Cold Brew. This product is for the coffee lover who enjoys a clean and delicious tasting beverage that's full of awesome coffee flavor, minus the acidity. Best enjoyed straight out of the ready-to-drink bottle or over ice. Primary flavor notes consist of chocolate and berry-fruit with undertones of dark warm spices. Our original hand selected three bean cold brew blend of fruit-noted Ethiopian, dark chocolate Nicaraguan, and spicy Sumatra Mandheling beans locally crafted and roasted to perfection by Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company is utilized in our original STIR Cold Brew product.

We at STIR Coffee began creating our first product with Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company in January of 2017 and later devised our "shake n' sip" line of flavored products in February of 2017. Our BIG STIR (32 oz.) bottles first became available in  January of 2018. After months of development, testing, market research, innovation, and branding; our original STIR Cold Brew blend is a pure and excellent coffee product with no added preservatives, coloring, flavoring, sweetener, or sodium. The only ingredients are premium filtered water and freshly roasted and ground coffee!

STIR original 12 oz. ready-to-drink cold brew coffee label, updated in 2019.

STIR original 12 oz. ready-to-drink cold brew coffee label, updated in 2019.