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We certainly are! Both of our owners grew up here and attended school (Bloomington High School North and Indiana University) in Bloomington, Indiana. Having been life-long friends, Alex Rubin and Chaz Sinn decided to start up this company as they noticed growing interest and demand in the mobile food industry. However, we have since evolved into a cold brew coffee bottling company (in 2017) specializing in production and wholesale distribution of our local products. One of the co-owners of our local coffee roaster, Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company, is a native to Bloomington as well. Wes Burton is from here and met his wife Debi Burton (co-owner) at Indiana University, Why should you choose STIR Coffee? Because by choosing us, you are supporting not just one, but TWO local businesses to Bloomington, Indiana!

Is STIR Coffee a local company to Bloomington, Indiana? Where are your owners from?

Does STIR Coffee have a shop or store front?

The short answer is no, we do not have a coffee shop or store front location. We began as a mobile coffee van in 2015, but have since become a cold brew coffee bottling company. Our focus is production and wholesale distribution of our products to share with our wonderful consumers!

What differentiates STIR Cold Brew Coffee from big national brands such as Califia Farms, Chameleon Cold Brew, or High Brew Coffee?

What really sets STIR Cold Brew Coffee apart from big national competition is that we offer one of the freshest ready-to-drink cold brew coffees on the market. Our local coffee roaster, Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company, delivers fresh roasted coffee every Tuesday afternoon to our commissary that we put directly into our brewers first thing each Wednesday morning; then every Thursday we bottle our products and distribute to stores. Our products never sit for days or even weeks in a stock room walk-in cooler. We only stock what's necessary on the shelves to guarantee ultra-fresh products and re-stock multiple times per week if necessary.

What kind of coffee does STIR Coffee serve? Does STIR use a local coffee roaster?

STIR Coffee is proud to be a local company to Bloomington, Indiana and to serve locally roasted coffee from Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company. Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company was established in 2008 and roasts some of Bloomington's finest artisan coffee. Quarrymen has created both the STIR House Blend (hot coffee) and STIR Cold Brew Blend (cold brew coffee) just for our company. Our coffee is "locally roasted and always fresh"!

Where can I find STIR Cold Brew Coffee products?

STIR Cold Brew Coffee products can be found in many locations around Bloomington, Indiana with more to come! See where you can cause a STIR, here: Where to find and purchase STIR Cold Brew?

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Is STIR Coffee on social media?

How do I get in contact with STIR Coffee?

Contacting us is easy! Just email us at, call us at 812-269-8899, or message us on Instagram or Facebook. If we don't answer our phones right away, simply leave a voicemail and we'll make sure to get back to you. We reply to all emails, messages, and calls within 24 hours or less. We greatly pride ourselves in having the best customer service possible. We are always friendly, timely in response, and love talking to our customers and business associates!