STIR Flavored Cold Brew

STIR Cold Brew Coffee
- Flavored -

Do you desire that extra kick of flavor and sweetness? Then try our “shake n’ sip” flavored cold brew blended with pure cane sugar syrups providing very true to taste flavor without overwhelming sweetness. Using our hand selected three bean cold brew blend of fruit-noted Ethiopian, dark chocolate Nicaraguan, and spicy Sumatra Mandheling beans locally crafted and roasted to perfection by Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company; we have artfully blended our original STIR Cold Brew with premium commercial flavored syrups to create a product line that is sure to please all! Best enjoyed straight out of the ready-to-drink bottle, simply shake it, then sip it! Pro tip, it's also really good with some added half & half straight to the bottle or poured into a cup to help bring out the flavor even more.

All STIR Cold Brew flavored varieties (with white caps) retail at $3.99 per 12 oz. / 355 mL ready-to-drink bottle.

Full nutritional details and ingredient lists are provided on every bottle of our flavored products. Our original and decaf cold brews contain no nutritional information as the only ingredients are water and coffee. Please see images of labels containing full nutritional details and ingredients below.