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Bottled Cold Brew


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What Is Cold Brew Coffee And Why Drink It?
Cold brew is coffee extracted using time rather than temperature. Due to reduced temperatures, all varieties of our cold brew coffee products are 60 - 65% less acidic than hot coffee that’s brewed with nearly 200 degree water. Our cold brew is an amazingly flavorful and exceptionally smooth coffee that retains its depth of flavor. We use fresh, locally roasted coffee from Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company (see "A Note From Our Roaster" at the bottom of this page) soaked only in great-tasting premium filtered water in a cool and controlled environment. Every small batch of our cold brew is carefully measured after many weeks of testing to calculate the optimal water-to-coffee ratios and brewing length; thus creating the perfect ready-to-drink coffee in each and every bottle. We pride ourselves in serving only premium local coffee with superb quality control and consistency in our products. You won’t find a fresher or better-tasting bottled cold brew.

STIR Cold Brew Coffee, local to Bloomington, Indiana

STIR Cold Brew Coffee, local to Bloomington, Indiana

STIR Original Cold Brew
12 fl. oz. / 355 ml
red caps

Our original unsweetened and unflavored ready-to-drink cold brew is a masterfully crafted three-bean blend and is best enjoyed by itself as a delicious and pure coffee beverage. For the lover of strong, yet smooth coffee without the acidity. Drink straight from the bottle or pour it over ice.
More than 15,000 bottles sold since 2017!

STIR flavored cold brew
12 fl. oz. / 355 ml
white caps

Our flavored ready-to-drink cold brew varieties are for those who crave coffee with an extra hint of flavor and sweetness. We add and blend in the perfect amount of flavoring to ensure you get that little something extra without losing the great taste of our coffee. We offer two coffee mainstays: Caramel and Hazelnut. Just shake it, then sip it!

STIR Lightly Sweetened cold brew
12 fl. oz. / 355 ml

** Coming Soon September 2019!
Our best-selling original ready-to-drink cold brew lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar simple syrup, no flavoring. Highly demanded by consumers, this product is coming very soon! Try our newest product and let us know what you think of our new look and logo on our bottles!

STIR Cold Brew Coffee: 32 oz. BIG STIR

STIR Cold Brew Coffee: 32 oz. BIG STIR

BIG STIR Original cold brew
32 fl. oz. / 946 mL
red caps

Our best-selling original unsweetened and unflavored ready-to-drink cold brew coffee now re-packaged into bigger 32 fluid ounce bottles by popular request. Now you can save some cold brew for later to share with friends and family. Or you can just keep it all for yourself… Up to you! With more cold brew, you have more options! 

stir seasonal cold brew
32 fl. oz. / 946 mL
Black caps

** Currently Unavailable
Our special seasonal flavors that are only available select months each year. Want to try something new and equally amazing as our regular flavors? Get them while supplies last in the fall and winter!
Fall (Sept - Nov): Pumpkin Pie
Winter (Dec - Feb): Chocolate Peppermint

STIR Decaffeinated Cold Brew Coffee

STIR Decaffeinated Cold Brew Coffee

stir decaf cold brew
12 fl. oz. / 355 ml
orange caps

** Currently Unavailable
Our decaf ready-to-drink cold brew can be enjoyed at anytime of the day or night. We keep all the great flavors, we just lose the caffeine with this very special Colombian naturally decaffeinated coffee, that actually tastes like coffee! Best enjoyed... Anytime and by anyone!

Please keep all products refrigerated. They are best by the date printed on each and every bottle.
Our PET bottles and HDPE caps are all 100% recyclable. Please go green and keep our Earth clean!



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a note from our roaster:
Quarrymen Coffee roasting company

Why Cold Brew?
Cold brewing coffee is quite simply soaking coffee grounds in great tasting filtered water for an extended time of 12 to 24 hours generally. This is in contrast to "hot brew" coffee which is usually made with a drip brewer using 200-degree temperature water. Let's look at the science of the brew to get at why we would even want to cold brew coffee in the first place.

Are Cold Brew Blends Different?
Particular coffee beans used for particular blends such a good espresso are exactly that. Particular. Some coffee bean varieties don't work well blended with other beans. On the other hand, those same beans may work perfectly if the beans are roasted at a lighter or darker roast level and blended in particular percentages. The beans selected for STIR Cold Brew blend are no different. We developed this blend to be perfectly balanced for use in cold brewing (even when adding flavor), leading to a smooth full flavored coffee that is, because of the brewing method, also less acidic.

Excellent Coffee = Excelled Science
There are three basic types of acids found in fresh roasted ground coffee. These are amino acids, aliphatic acids and phenolic acids. The first two generally lead to sweet and sour tastes respectively, but in terms of concentration, phenolic acids account for the highest percentage by volume of acids found in coffee. This group of acids, which include quinic, caffeic and chlorogenic acids, are responsible for bitter tastes. And that is where cold brewing coffee comes in. As it turns out, when you soak coffee grounds in room temperature or refrigerated water it dissolves much less of SOME of the phenolic acids than hot water does; so you end up with a very full flavored, much less acidic beverage. The effect is a coffee that is much "smoother" to drink than its hot-brewed counterpart. The good news, for folks on-the-go drinking cold brew, is that the caffeine level is equivalent to hot-brewed coffee.