The BIG STIR (32 oz.)

STIR Cold brew coffee
- The BIG STIR (32 oz.) -

Currently sold only at both Bloomingfoods East and West and Lucky's Market in Bloomington.

Hosting a party or just need a delicious adult beverage to unwind after a long day at work? Our STIR Cold Brew Coffee is the perfect base for many different coffee cocktails! Not to mention, our 32 oz. BIG STIR bottles are just what you need so you don't run out too quickly! Check out our personal favorite recipes and more ideas below from Bon Appetit!
**Please drink responsibly and do not drive. For ages 21+ only.**

  1. STIR Baileys Irish Cream Martini
    2 oz. STIR Cold Brew Coffee
    1 oz. Baileys Irish Cream
    1 oz. Grey Goose Vodka
  2. STIR Black Russian
    2 oz. STIR Cold Brew Coffee
    1 oz. Kahlua
    1 oz. Grey Goose Vodka

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Want more STIR Cold Brew Coffee or can't get enough of our brew? Then you may want to grab a bottle of our 32 oz. / 946 mL ready-to-drink original cold brew coffee! Regular retail for these bigger bottles is only $7.99 and we suggest splitting it up into 4-8 servings depending on the use. Try using our cold brew in coffee cocktails or other creations, in marinades, or simply enjoy it for general consumption cold or hot! Try pouring some into your favorite mug to heat up and enjoy. Due to low acidity, our cold brew heats up very well opposed to hot-brewed coffee that cooled down to room temperature. Make sure to save and share some with family and friends too! **It is not recommended to consume the entire BIG STIR bottle all at once.**

Our original hand selected three bean cold brew blend of fruit-noted Ethiopian, dark chocolate Nicaraguan, and spicy Sumatra Mandheling beans locally crafted and roasted to perfection by Quarrymen Coffee Roasting Company is utilized in our original BIG STIR Cold Brew product.

Some of you may ask, why not a coffee concentrate? After much thought and consideration we simply decided that using our already popular original ready-to-drink cold brew coffee was ideal for the larger bottle size to our consumers. Why exactly? Three reasons here, see below, and read our blog post for more information.

1) Water. The choice and quality of the water you use to not only brew coffee, but dilute it (if this were a concentrate) really matters. Using different water than we use to brew our cold brew can either lead to off-putting notes in our coffee or fail to bring out the full flavor and body of our coffee.

2) Convenience and Consistency. We do the work for you with our well-tested and proven consistency of water-to-coffee ratios. We always want our cold brew to have the same great taste and don't want our consumers to have to take a BIG STIR home and then figure out themselves the correct water to use and the correct ratios.

3) Cost to (you) the consumer. Coffee concentrates cost more to produce and are therefore, more expensive to you as the consumer after retail markup. By making our BIG STIR bottles ready-to-drink you get the same coffee you know and love from our original 12 oz. STIR bottles and at the great price of $7.99 retail for 32 oz. Many coffee bottles of equal size may cost $10.00, if not even more. More coffee, for less money. Higher cost, does not always equate to higher quality.

Read our blog here: Introducing: The BIG STIR. #SaveNShare

STIR Cold Brew Coffee, 32 oz. BIG STIR label.

STIR Cold Brew Coffee, 32 oz. BIG STIR label.